• Currency: All of the information in the articles are relatively current. Most of the information cited was after 2001 except one or two things I found in some of the articles. Their oldest article was published in 2008. Some of them did also have a cited update after the information was posted.
  • Relevance: The information is relevant but I think it depends on what kind of facts the person is looking for. It is very in depth on the topics. It formated like a research paper, not really for someone who possibly just wanted random facts about the subject.
  • Authority: The articles on the site have the same author. The credentials for the author isn’t listed. There is just a name for someone that wasn’t introduced. It doesn’t show who funds the site or who they are affiliated with. The URL does match the purpose of the site. There is a contact us page with a message box and a mailing address.
  • Accuracy: The information seemed pretty accurate. The sources are valid. All the information is cited. There are some peer reviewed sources from colleges and some government websites. The site is not professional in my opinion but it is simple and organized. The language is clear and professionally written. There is no noticeable bias either.
  • Purpose: There is not a purpose stated on the website but the creator made it to provide information about different topics to those who would like to know. They aren’t trying to sell advertising or push an ideology. They aren’t trying to stir up trouble.

  • Currency: The information is current. It doesn’t show much updates since the articles are written based on current events taking place. There is no date of when it was last updated. The links are functional. I couldn’t find a date for the year of publication of the site.
  • Relevance: The information is relevant to what was going on at the time. The information provides ample details into the subject matter. It is presented in appropriate terms to be understood.
  • Authority: It does state that the information is presented by an group. The authors and contributors to the site are all listed with their years of employment for the site. The site does provide contact information to mailing address, phone number, and email to the editor, as well as a technical support email.
  • Accuracy: The information seems accurate. The information is cited. The links are working and the site is very professionally organized. The language is not harsh or emotional.
  • Purpose: The site does have a stated mission and why they collect information. They are not trying to sell advertisements. They are not trying to stir up trouble, just post information to current political topics.

One thought on “CRAAP Test

  1. Well organized analysis and interesting observation about the format. Good work!

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